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Saturday, September 22 2018
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The Vote is In!
Election Security is in the Bag

with Custom Security Bags for Ballots, Electronic Data, Voting Machines and Supplies from A. Rifkin Co.

Our updated online Catalog of election bags and supplies is now available for online ordering.

View 2018 Election Catalog here, or browse through our Online Catalog to see many of our most popular products.

For a checklist of the many types of products we offer, please see our Election Line Card

Note: If you don�t see the product you need, please contact us.

Free-Standing Ballot Display

Display all election day ballot information, instructions, or other pertinent information at your precinct. Free-standing display sets up in minutes and easily breaks down to fit into the carry bag for storage and transport!

See Precinct Supplies for details.

Heavy-Duty Sign Stands

Heavy-Duty Plastic A-frame sign stand. These collapsible stands weigh 18 pounds and can be made heavier by adding sand or water.

See Signs & Sign Bags section for details.

Keyless Security EViD Carrier

Developed at the request of VR Systems to carry a single EViD machine.

See Equipment Specific Products for details.

Memory Card Transport bag with Keyless Security

Designed to hold 14 memory cards measuring approximately 3 3/8" H x 2 1/8" L x 3/8" W, with additional space below the pockets for other items.

See Data Module Bag section for details.

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